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2022 MLE Shipping Information

2022 MLE Shipping Information

MLE sends testing kits identified as M. Each kit is mailed three times a year.
MLE makes every effort to accommodate new orders throughout the year. Except for the registration fee, we will prorate the prices for module orders received after the first shipment according to the number of shipments remaining in the program year. To ensure product availability, please contact MLE Customer Service at

Shipment Date


February 7, 2022


May 16, 2022


September 12, 2022

The price listed for an Full Year order includes the M1, M2, and M3 shipments. The price listed for an M2 order includes only the M2 and M3 shipments. The price listed for an M3 order includes the M3 shipment only.

Contact us with any questions at 202-261-4510 or via email at